~Maryann B. Deignan, Director at Kids-A-Lot

Kids-A-Lot Country Day School in Stow, Ma has had the pleasure of hosting Animal Craze at our Child Care Center many times over the years. This unique experience is amazing for children of all ages! It’s a wonderful educational experience for even the smallest/youngest of our children. They are able to learn how to handle & care for the animals. This in essence builds an understanding, compassion & empathy for animals. These are feelings that will resound with them throughout their lives about the importance of the ethical treatment of animals. Our children, staff and parents thoroughly enjoy this hands on experience. Tonya’s animals always arrive healthy and clean well cared for and ready to be petted! We enjoy Animal Craze so much that we have invite them to be our special guest at our booth at the Children’s Fair in Bolton each year for many years. Tonya is always on time and ready to go! The animals are a big hit at the fair and draw a large crowd! The Animal Craze staff are very encouraging to even the youngest children as they explore up close & personal.

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