Hi Tonya-

I just want to send you a note of thanks that may be a bit overdue but is truly heartfelt. At the beginning of June Dave and Bethany brought your baby animals to our daughter Zinnia’s 5th birthday party and we were overjoyed with what a wonderful experience it was for everyone!

Dave and Bethany were incredible–Very friendly, gentle, patient, and kind. They were very engaged with Zinnia and her friends and it was evident that they care greatly for the animals. It truly warmed my heart to see so many animal lovers in one place to celebrate our animal lover’s birthday!

Zinnie was in HEAVEN! She sat in the pen with the babies from the moment they were ready to be held until the last baby was taken out of the pen at the end. She spent the entire party with them except when we brought out the birthday cupcakes and that was only with much encouragement to leave the animals. She went right back in with them as soon as her cupcake was gone!)

From the moment Dave and Bethany drove up to the party until they were driving away at the end, Zinnie and all of her friends were absolutely captivated with the baby animals! They gathered around as the animals were brought out and they couldn’t wait to have their time with them. It was wonderful seeing their excitement and the smiles that abounded! I think Zinnie and her friends would have followed the animals all the way back to your farm if they could! There were even some tears that night at bedtime when Zinnie said she wanted more time with the babies. It was so sweet how much she loved them.

Thank you so much for sharing your babies with us and for making Zinnia’s 5th birthday the best yet! In this Mom’s opinion, anything that trumps birthday cupcakes in the eyes of the 5 year old Birthday Girl is pretty extraordinary! You and your babies are the BEST!